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Graphic design portfolio

  • Glass Innovators Digital press, Convention sales collateral, trifold

    This piece was used for a leave behind at a kitchen and bath convention. Printed on a digital press, a double sided tri-fold that was used to create a buzz and a memorable impression. We saved our client money by using a design that did not bleed off the edge of the paper, while also choosing a unique size which fit nicely 2 per page.

  • Glass Innovators Lithography, sales collateral

    Printed on a 4 color press with die-cut cover and saddle stitch finishing. We oversaw the printing process from print buying to press check and delivery. This brochure was part of our launch plan to create a buzz for our client.

  • Glass Innovators Lithography, sales collateral

    The interior page layout and design for a Custom Glass wash basin manufacturer's sales brochure.

  • Petafour Offset printing, gift card

    Die-cut 4 color gift card that was designed with the brand's positioning of sophisticated fun in mind. Each card had a unique code printed on it for redemption online.

  • ExpertDesk Sales brochure

    We designed and flew to Amsterdam to press check this piece. ExpertDesk is the customer support software product of Mansystems, a Dutch communications corporation. This marketing piece was used by account managers to introduce potential sales leads to the product. The piece was printed in 4 colors on a Heidelberger press. We choose a special fold to create a spine we could use to promote the brand's color bar, symbolic of the many ways ExpertDesk helps its user.

  • Glass Innovators Magazine Advertising

    Part of the marketing strategy was an advertising budget. We targeted magazines the audience used frequently and included a code to track any leads the strategy created.

  • Glass Innovators Distributor binder, sales collateral

    Giving distributor's a branded sales piece to sell our client's product was part of our marketing strategy. The binder would be thumbed by people interested in purchasing our product and be able to have all the information they need at their fingertips.

  • Glass Innovators Distributor binder, sales collateral

    Welcoming users to the product was a special printing technique called spot varnish. The effect is a sophisticated image created from black and a pass of varnish for the silhouetted image.