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Brand logo design examples from our portfolio

  • The Jess Press Brand Identity

    Jess Press is a greeting card maker who wanted a new identity that combined her passion for hand-crafted artwork with her love of telling stories.

  • The Sluis Academy Brand Identity

    A small company with a mind to make a difference in the autism spectrum disorder space asked us for help in defining their brand identity.

  • Miam Miam Logo

    With a hand-lettered font making this french vietnamese sandwich shop both unique and memorable, the client stood out from the busy Atlanta lunch crowd.

  • Windward Brand Identity

    Positioning for the logo design came from listening to the client's vision - a beverage store for the everyday person, a neighborhood store.

  • Advanca Inc. Logo

    Our client asked us to create a logo mark that would suggest forward thinking for a computer repair company and target a corporate clientele.

  • LRTICo Iconography

    Icons help create meaning through shape, color and line. Combined with words, well drawn iconography can stick in the minds of your audience.

  • Red Datadex Logo

    Red Datadex needed help creating a logo for their online search engine tool for restaurant owners searching for trusted vendors.

Work samples righty

  • Frederick Pie Co. Brand Identity

    A custom logo designed for an at-home baker selling their delicious homemade goods online. A brand identity using warm colors to suggest appeal.

  • Lexquire Logo

    We needed a custom logo design that would appeal to lawyers, both genders, and business people. Our client also wanted to create an air of sophistication.

  • Logo

    A social good cause we were happy to get behind and throw our creativity into. Our solution combined custom lettering with loads of symbolism.

  • GRMI Brand Redesign

    Global Resource Management Inc. needed a new brand positioning to match their well-known woman owned IT consultancy.

  • Chaudry House Logo

    Can you find the letters 'C' and 'H' in our solution for this beauty product supplier? A small hint: there are two letter Cs and one letter H.

  • Tidal Wind Investments Logo

    Our creatives pulled inspiration from Japanese Art after learning our client was from Japan. Understanding leads to better solutions.

  • CABBN Identity

    The Captial Area Bed & Breakfast got a creative brand boost from our custom logo design. Rentals increased by 54% within two months of the brand launch.